Sunday Love 7

Yes! Sunday Love! We’re back with a new edition, featuring the most incredible wallpapers we’ve come across this week. While it’s freezing outside, we selected some warm, sunny, summer feeling wallpapers to warm you up. For those on the other side of the globe. This is perfect to stay in the mood. Don’t forget to show the artists some love, and feel free to grab yourself a new desktop wallpaper. Have a nice Sunday evening.

Adam Woodhouse
This week I was looking how our into1 wallpaper did it on deviantArt and while I was checking the popular pages, this specific wallpaper jumped out. A clean Japanese inspired fish wallpaper. And when I looked closer I recognized some well skilled color work in the Koi’s tale. Pretty nice. Please take a look and watch yourself, you will like what you see.
Check Adam’s online portfolio

wallpaper art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “FEAR” Wallpaper – DeviantArt

Fresh For Death
Not really the sweetest name for your online portfolio, but he does have some nice artworks. Jumping from the one fish wallpaper to another one. You might think, what’s wrong with you? Well what if all those nice wallpapers are fish-related? Maybe we should make one too? Anyway, we can always appreciate some beautiful colors on our desktop and this one definitely is worth the mention! Check out FreshForDeath and show him some love.

wallpaper art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “Just FISH” Wallpaper – DeviantArt

Nicole Bauer
Before I forget, this is the first female artist we featured on wallpaper art. Wow’s creepy!  That’s not good at all is it? So shout out to all the girls, if you make a wallpaper, don’t forget to email us about it. We need you! Ok, this said, I just had to share this cute, lovely, giglydoo wallpaper with you. I think it’s the twitter bird, but I can be wrong. Just check it out and say, “Ooh” !
Nicole is currently updating her portfolio but you can find her here.

wallpaper art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “I didn’t mean your fat” Wallpaper – DeviantArt

wallpapr art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “The Greatest Gift of All” Wallpaper – DeviantArt

Daniel Delgado Volchaire
Going from the one extreme to another one, you might know this artist under the alias, Sid002 or Sid. He made some wallpapers a while ago but I still remembered them so that means something. Daniel is known for his crazy mix of elements and make an artwork of it. I’m going to let the wallpapers speak. Check out his DeviantArt gallery to see more of his awesome works.

wallpaper art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “CATALINOS CABRA 87″ Wallpaper – DeviantArt

wallpaper art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “Pixomnia Crew” Wallpaper – DeviantArt

Anthony Agiaco
We talked about Anthony before, featured in several magazines, Slashthree Artist, … Sometimes I just want to use an abstract wallpaper with dark background and soft colors. Well Anthony made one, just something I was looking for. Take a look and check out Anthony’s online Portfolio,

wallpaper art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “The Great Synthesis” Wallpaper – DeviantArt

Do you remember our first Sunday Love, where we showed you an amazing series of the ECO system wallpapers? Well Frelon made a third Eco System wallpaper. Again a super cool detailed desktop wallpaper for your computer! I thought I should share it with you. Enjoy!

wallpaper art, sunday, love, inspiration
Download “Eco System III” Wallpaper – DeviantArt