Systemkings Wallpapers

First of all we hope you like the new visual experience on Wallpaper Art. The new Wallpaper Art givesĀ  a lot more attention to the wallpaper itself and provides a much easier and quicker browsing experience. We’re still thinking about a voting system. What do you think? All ideas are welcome. Now go surf around and grab yourself a new wallpaper!

Now back to the actual post! Our friends over at Systemkings updated with an amazing project! Systemkings is a joint venture between Marius Bauer, Archan Nair, Jared Nickerson and Katerina Murysina. On route to explore a style of collaborative effort, this unique project is the outcome of a journey between art and design.

It features wallpapers in desktop, mobile and pad formats. All designs displayed here are also available in our shop as beautiful fine art prints, bundled in an art book and as high quality shirts.

Here are our favorite picks from their huge gallery! Show them some love and make sure to get yourself one off those awesome t-shirts or prints!