Wallpaper Art Open for Everybody

Wallpaper Art Open
We are happy to announce we have opened Wallpaper Art for the public. We’re offering you the option to register and write/share your wallpaper art collections, news, downloads! We are no longer able to run wallpaper art how it used to be. But we can’t let this lovely place go to waste! Help us out and feel free to write some posts!

Register Here

If you are interested, click on the link “Log in” in the menu. Register yourself and start sharing your posts! We will be validating the posts every day for quality control. There are some ground rules for better chance to have your post approved;

– Add quality wallpapers, with correct credits and resource!
– Watch your grammar!
– Add images, keep in mind with max width of 740 px
– Spam and other off topic posts will be removed and can lead to a ban from the service!

Hopefully we can introduce some new wallpapers by our own readers soon and create an open space for people to share wallpapers! Any questions – Mail us via artist@wallpaperart.org

Posts will be shared on twitter and our facebook page by our truly!