Retrograde Desktop Wallpaper by Bram Vanhaeren

New exclusive desktop wallpaper by Bram Vanhaeren. Read more to find information on an exclusive photoshop tutorial for…


Dead Astronauts Project wallpapers

Our good friend Jared Nickerson (JthreeConcepts) is working his ass off to make this new project very special. A true combination of art and music, this is Dead Astronauts! Enjoy the inspiring artwork and free wallpapers!


Legendary Olympians Wallpapers by Bram Vanhaeren

Did you know our own administrators, compete in Athletics since we were only 6 years old? We love the sport and still train 5 times a week to perfect our 400m. With the Olympic games coming the passion for the sport was the perfect inspiration for Bram’s new project “Legendary Olympians”. Check it out!

Download Wallpaper in the Behance Network project.


Fabulous & She Can DJ Wallpaper

We don’t usually make a post about one single desktop wallpaper, but I’m sure this one is worth this single post more then any other post! Michal Sycz, also known as Noeeko created these two stunning artworks for two incredible events. Enjoy!


Girls Girls Girls 11

It’s been a while since we posted our famous and known Girls Girls Girls collection! Our apologies! You know what you can expect, one lovely collection with the most beautiful creature on the planet in the spotlights. Enjoy and don’t forget to show some love! Have a nice evening everyone!


Boys Boys Boys

Good morning ladies! As promised before, I was going to make you a Boys Boys Boys selection one day. Today it’s your moment! Thanks to Katie for all the Wallpaper suggestions, she made this work out actually! Thanks girl, you rock! Hopefully you enjoy the Boys Selection as much the Boys love the Girls Selection! It wasn’t easy actually to pick desktop wallpaper for girls so please let me know what you think about this selection. Enough said, have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the selection!


Girls Girls Girls 10

Good evening everyone, today we want to start the weekend by sharing our new Famous Girls Girls Girls collection! I don’t have to explain the collection anymore, we hope you like it and don’t forget to show the artists some love! Have a great weekend!


Girls Girls Girls 9

It’s been a while since we posted one of our most popular post, the Girls Girls Girls Selection! I don’t think I have to explain why it’s so popular, I only have to type Girls Girls Girls and you know what I’m talking about! For the girls, I know I promised a “Boys Boys Boys” post, but it’s not that easy as a boy to look out for Boys wallpaper. You know what? This is a call to all the girls out there. If you come across a beautiful wallpaper with a man in it… or a boy whatever, email us at Hope to see some “Boys Boys Boys” suggestion in our mailbox soon. Now enjoy the following beauties for on your desktop.


Girls Girls Girls 8

Good day everyone, because the Girls Girls Girls selections is scoring so well on our poll, we will continue making this selection for sure. For the girls out there, I’m going to do my best to make a Boy Boy Boy selection next week. So keep an eye open girls!


Girls Girls Girls 7

Good day everyone, we know Monday can be a difficult morning for some people. A new week start, new things are going to happen and we thought lets make it a little easier for the guys by starting this week with our Girls Girls Girls collection. A collection where not only the beautiful female body but also the artist or photographer ensures us an amazing new desktop wallpaper. Enjoy and give the models, photographers and artists some love.