• wallpaperart_SebastienSandeur_thumb

    Wallpaper Art by Sebastian Andaur

    To start this new week, we would love to share the work form our young friend, Sebastian Andaur. Only 18 years old, passionate about graphic design, already freelancing for some amazing clients. He was so kind to send over some free desktop wallpaper (2560×1600 resolution) for you to download and use.

  • wallpaperart_animalwallpaperpack_Bramvanhaeren_thumb

    Animal Wallpaper Pack by Bram Vanhaeren

    Happy Easter everyone! Today Bram updates with some new works and along this updates came a fantastic Wallpaper pack. Four black and white portrait illustration, turned into iphone & desktop wallpapers. Free for download.

  • Wallpaper ARt by Justin Maller

    FACETS by Justin Maller

    Is he going to keep this up? Justin Maller challenges himself to create on image every day. For one year. Under the name FACETS, he creates stunning abstract artworks. Fearless experimenting with mind blowing color combinations, giving the works unique names on top. Justin shows us how consistence and motivation works.

  • Wallpaper art Dead Astronauts

    Dead Astronauts Project wallpapers

    Our good friend Jared Nickerson (JthreeConcepts) is working his ass off to make this new project very special. A true combination of art and music, this is Dead Astronauts! Enjoy the inspiring artwork and free wallpapers!

  • Nba Wallpaper art

    NBA Magnificent Wallpaper Art

    Good morning everyone, to kick of a new week, we have some amazing desktop wallpapers for our NBA fans – sport fans! Thanks to Posterize you can go through a gallery of desktop & mobile wallpapers from your favorite basketball player! Enjoy the gallery and support your team!

  • Wallpaper Art Open

    Wallpaper Art Open for Everybody

    We are happy to announce we have opened Wallpaper Art for the public. We’re offering you the option to register and write/share your wallpaper art collections, news, downloads! We are no longer able to run wallpaper art how it used to be. But we can’t let this lovely place go to waste! Help us out and feel free to write some posts!

  • wallpapermart_bramvanhaeren_dancesurlamoon_thumb

    Dancé sur la moon Wallpaper Art by Bram Vanhaeren

    We had the pleasure to have our own writer and founder of Wallpaper Art to create this amazing desktop wallpaper, free for you to download. Dancé Sur La Moon, symbolize the freedom and energetic vibe created by working on a freestyle artwork. No rules, no limits, Dance on the moon! Enjoy the proces and give yourself a break.

  • wallpapermart_bringbacknature9_thumb

    Bring Back Nature 9

    Today it started snowing in Belgium, a perfect moment to reflect on mother nature. We present the new Bring Back nature 9 wallpaper edition. Enjoy the desktop wallpapers. Click on the image to go to the download page!

  • Wallpaper art by justin maller

    Justin M. Maller Updates

    With his incredible feel for abstract digital artworks, Justin M. Maller updates his portfolio with some stunning new work. After following his work for many years now, we’re still amazed how he stands out the crowd with his unique and quality work. Along his brilliant work, you can download many of his works as a desktop wallpaper for free. So make sure to take a look and show him some love @JustinMaller

  • James Bond Wallpaper art cars

    James Bond 007 Cars Wallpaper

    The project open with the question; “Everyone has a favourite Bond – and a favourite Bond girl – but what’s your favourite Bond car?” Now be honest, what is your favorite bond car?


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